ZaceBook: Free Online Proxy

ZaceBook is a free online proxy service that allows you to surf internet in a safe and secure manner. This free online application is 100% free to use and comes handy in situations where network admin has implement restrictions about accessing certain websites.  For example you might not be allowed to access social media websites at your school, college, or office.  What admins do is to block the IP address of the websites?  In such situations ZaceBook acts a middle man between your PC and the site.

In more technical terms the request reaches ZaceBook and is then forwarded to the site you intend to access. Same happens with the requests that are sent from the site server. There is no real connection  established between your PC and the site-server and this is how you can by-pass the IP specific restrictions.

Getting started with ZaceBook free online proxy service is 100% free. In addition, there is no requirement to register an account. Just, visit the homepage and following interface will be presented in-front of you.

At the bottom section of the webpage you will find a text box for entering the online URL of the webpage you want to access. Now, enter the URL and click on the search button. In no time the requested webpage will be presented to you. 

There, you will notice a small text-box at top-left section for entering the online URL of your choice. Below it, will be several check boxes to enable / disable various browsing parameters.


  •  Free Online Proxy apps must not be utilized for online online transactions (monetary) nor shall be utilized for accessing sensitive information.
  • The rate of accessing data via proxy is always slower in comparison to direct access.
  • ZaceBook is not the perfect option for online video streaming. I tested it to stream videos on YouTube, but was not successful.

 The Final Verdict:

ZaceBook is definitely a nice option to try. Anyhow, when it comes about comparing it with online solutions like HideMyAss then it stands no where.

* Though this free online proxy solution appears to be quite safe, still a bit of security concern is involved.


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