Web-Online-Surveys To Create Survey Online

Powered by Speedsurvey, Web-Online-Surveys allows you to quickly create survey online. This online application delivers you capabilities for quick & easy creation and deployment of online surveys.

The nice thing is that everything remains online and does not have any dependency over some plug-in or software setup. Moreover, there is no requirement for technical expertise of any kind. Here, you also get a few online questionnaire templates to jump-start you survey. Need not to mention that you always have option to create survey online form scratch.

In the coming section, we have reviewed the different features and options available over the online survey making application.  Have a look …

Features of Web-Online-Surveys To Create Survey Online:

  • Restricts respondents from re-attempting the same survey.
  • Free upload and conversion of online questionnaires
  • Easy export of statistics into .XLS files.

You are not provided with graphs and charts for quick analysis of the feedbacks.

create questionnaires online

 How To Get Started Over Web-Online-Surveys:

Getting started with Web-Online-Surveys is quite easy. On the homepage you will find the link to create a free account. Give it a click and follow the instructions to create questionnaires online:

  • There you get three options to begin as stated in the screenshot placed below,

online survey maker

  • You can choose the preferred option and rest is all about following the instructions of the wizard.
  • Once you have prepared the questionnaire, click over “save and continue”.
  • The next step would be to create administration username and password.
  • Finally, the user will be asked to create a custom URL for your questioner.
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The following limitations got highlighted upon evaluation of the this service to create online questionnaire.

  • By default, all surveys are anonymous unless you ask for identification as part of the survey or use the panel system.
  • It was a bit disappointing to find that the applications did not provide some serious analytics. Anyhow, the exported excel file can be utilized to generate graphs and charts.
  • The app is free only for first 25 respondents.

The tool is good but the foremost requirement is right type of audience base. If it requires some technical knowhow to correctly answer your questions then you cannot simply distribute the created questionnaire among masses. This online survey making application is simply a means for getting answer for your questionnaire and its your responsibility to arrange a proper audience for that.

The Final Verdict:

We have a hesitation regarding recommending Web-Online-Surveys to create survey online. There are a few online survey makers that offers similar features for free. Why to waste $20 a month for easy stuff?


  • Surveys that reward you with points let you accumulate reward points which you can later redeem for cash or gifts. Some of the most reputed market research companies like Globaltestmarket, Opinion Outpost, NFO Mysurvey and Lightspeed Research reward you in this way.

    • Zeeaali

       But most of the rewarding surveys are not paying rewards I received one survey recently from http://www.surveytool.com/create-free-online-polls/ but never got paid … on checking and verifying with this company i found some one used them to get response from me … any comments?