Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator: An Online Logo Maker

Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator is an online logo maker that lets you create a logo for your website, or for your brand.

I  have been seeking such a website that would very much simple for me to have a simple logo. I found a lot of results in the search engine results but when I dug deep into the results I found Web 2.0 a free logo maker.

If you do not have any idea about how to create a logo online just use this simple logo maker free. I am sure that you are not going to burst into anger because operating this logo creator is like playing with toys. Let me tell you some simple features that this free logo creator has got –

Key Features:

  • You can create text-based logos in this online logo creator.
  • Design as many as logos you want to design,
  • With this business logo maker you can also design logos for your business,

How To Get Started with this Online Logo Maker: Web 2.0 Logo Generator —

Now I would like to talk about how to extract a simple looking website logo for your organization. Visit Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator, you will have a page something like below image –


Here you can –

  • In the “Text” field you will have to enter the name of the firm or the text you want to add in your logo. You can choose to make it “Bold”, “Italic” or “Underlined” by checking the boxes below the text field,
  • To add a background color to your logo you can provide the color name or choose it from the “Color palette”,
  • If you want the logo text to have multicolored appearance then choose the first color from the “Color A” field,
  • The “Color B” field can be used to add another color to your logo text,
  • There are few simple and well-known fonts in the font drop down menu from where you can choose one. Then you will have to fix the font size you want your logo to look,
  • If you want to make a reflection of your logo then mark the “Enable reflection” and specify how much reflection do you want,
  • There are some simple symbols added for you to use,
  • Specify where you want to set the symbol in your logo,
  • There are some DPI’s (Dots Per Inch) specified for you to set and choose what format do you want the logo to be saved as,
  • Click “Create Logo” button and wait for once,
  • After your logo has been created you can have preview of the logo in the right side of the page.
  • To save the logo in your hard disk just select the image and save it on your disk.
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Best of luck with your online logo creator