Voyage: Online RSS Reader

Voyage is an online RSS Reader that has been exceptionally designed to serve the feed readers. In this online application, it looks like you are going through the timeline of history where you had everything put in the right place to remind you that you are going back.

There might be lots of online RSS feed reader you may find out but Voyage is a uniquely designed application because there are some features added in this online RSS reader which will really different this application with all other –

Features of Voyage: Online RSS Reader

  • All the feeds that are loaded in front of your sight will be in a flash interface where you can hover over and click on any feed to read.
  • These feeds are actually created like 3D models.
  • You can use both your mouse roller and the arrow keys so that you can go through the feeds according to their appearances.
  • There is a timeline in the middle of the page to let you switch among the feeds according to the time of their appearance.
  • You can easily add, manage or delete your favorite feeds with the help of online feed manager.

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How To Read Feeds in Voyage?

  • In order to get started over Voyage, you need to first join them as a guest. After logging in as a guest, you will be able to sign up for an account from the feed manager at the bottom of the website. The feed manager lets you to add new feeds, manage and delete them.
  • Now, if you have arrived at the Voyage, you will see a notice on their homepage specifying you about how to operate the feeds on this website? The “Start” button will let you access Voyage as a gust, however, the “Login” button is meant for registered users.


  • You will find the feeds to be looking like 3D as Voyage is a 3D linear RSS reader.
  • With a feed link pasted on the required field, you can easily load all the past feeds of that link on this flash built feed reader. Different feeds are assigned with different colors therefore, you can easily find out which feed has come from which website.
  • To read feeds online, you can use to roll the mouse roller or just use the up and down or left and right arrows to scroll among the feeds.
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Note: Sometimes the feeds that you have added in your account might get erased automatically this might be caused due to not logging out or unwanted closure of the website.

Go ahead and try Voyage online RSS reader now.