Video Slideshow Maker is an online Video slideshow maker that delivers you a quick and easy way of creating instant video slide shows. The main feature of this video slideshow maker is about its capabilities to use your pictures over various social media platform like Google, Facebook, Picasa and more. Uploading of offline images is also supported. Moreover, you get a lot of flexibility and customization options for your video slide shows.

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In the following section, we have reviewed the different features and functionalities of instant online video slideshow maker.  Have  a look …

Visit the home page to get started. Begin with instant facebook login. If you don’t have a facebook account then need not worry; simply fill the Sign-up form to continue.

* it is necessary to grant the requested permissions otherwise issues might arise while creating intent slideshows.

Upon a successful login over, you will be taken to the dashboard that will appear somewhat similar to the screenshot placed below.

video slide show

The workflow, includes two steps:

  • Adding or importing images
  • Arranging the images
  • Selecting the music
  • Saving the created video slide show.

Depending upon requirement the user can import images form supported social platforms. The available images and albums will be shown to you. Now select and hit the add button. instant online video slide show maker

Now, the added images for video slideshow implies easy drag & drop. Alternately, hit the ‘Shuffle’ button.

Now, came the time for music selection. The step is simpler than the previous one. All you require is to perform search for your song over YouTube or soundcloud.

slide show

For selecting a particular track, hover the mouse over it and click ‘use this’. The moment song selection is done, a panel will pop up on the screen.

online video slide show

  • Add a caption to your online video slideshow.
  • Set the speed for slideshow.
  • Select the effect.
  • Choose whether the animation will be public or not.
  • Add few tags in context to your slideshow.

Having completed the steps so far, the only requirement will be to hit the ‘Save & Publish’ button.

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Final Verdict For Instant Online Video Slideshow Maker:

The overall performance of this video slideshow maker application was up to standards. The cross platform import is something really impressive about It hardly takes more than five minutes to create and publish a new video slide show. You must give it a try …