UGOlog: Free Online Webcam Surveillance

UGOlog is a free online webcam surveillance application that helps you in enhancing the security in surroundings, finding the culprits, and other monitoring tasks as per requirement. The best part is that you don’t require installing any extra software on your PC. All you need is a live internet connection, a webcam, and a modern web browser. The coolest part about the service is that it detects motion and can send you alerts via email or RSS feed.

Getting Started With UGOlog:

This online webcam surveillance service offers you both free as well as paid plans. Under the free Planyou are delivered ability to monitor with a single camera, 50 MB online storage space, and fourteen days history. The details of paid plans can be obtained by referring to the screenshot below.


After, accomplishing online registration you will be taken to the dashboard from where you can proceed with online webcam surveillance.

Setup Free Online Webcam Surveillance:

Have a look on the points stated below:

  • Begin with a click on ‘record & watch’ button placed on the top-right corner of the dashboard.
  • Then on the panel to the left click on ‘Record Webcam’ button. Soon after that you will be taken to a new webpage with a flash player embedded in it. There you will be prompted to let the app access your webcam. record-from-webcam
  • Click on ‘Allow’ button to proceed after which the cam will become active. (It will be a nice idea to set the cam to a location from where you can easily detect motion. Door is a nice option)free-online-Surveillance
  • Now, minimize the window and leave. On detecting motion the cam will be activated and the snaps will be uploaded online. You  can set attributes like motion sensitivity, record period, and the particular webcam to be utilized by clicking on ‘Settings’ button.
  • You can login anytime to your account and view the timeline.


  • The blue sections resemble the time duration when the motion was detected.

* For email notification click on ‘Alert’ in left panel to specify the email address where you desire to receive notifications.

It must be noted that this free online webcam surveillance is not a standalone application. On closing the browser window it will go off. Need not to worry as desktop application is also available. The network cameras are considered good for such tasks in comparison to a webcam.

* Do note that misuse of any type of surveillance might cost you big legal penalties.

The Final Verdict:

UGOlog free online webcam surveillance application is simple and solves the purpose. I have no issues in recommending it.

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