Type-Fu: Online Typing Tutor

Type-Fu is an online typing tutor that enables you to learn typing online and to practice it regularly at zero cost.

In the journey of searching the online typing tutors, I have found out Type-Fu typing tutor that also provides online typing program for the beginners to learn from.

I dug deep into the Type-Fu website, except some basic terms I was unable to find out something that would have smashed my thought about typing tutors. This online typing tutor lets you learn keyboard typing and practice typing online, thereby making you a master in typing.

Let me share the experiences I have faced in this website below –


  • For better practising purpose there is a virtual keyboard added with the picturization of which finger to use for what character,
  • There are well-defined lessons available for online typing practice. The lessons differ based on letters, numbers, words, proverbs and quotations etc. More than 250 proverbs have been added for your typing practice,
  • You can change different keyboard layouts according preferably,


  • You will never be able to type accurately as there are spaces between words but while you place a space there it will be counted as an error again you can not skip that thing,
  • Most of the typing websites provide online typing games to prevent the boredom of the learners but in this website there is no such thing like games,
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How To Get Started Over This Online Typing Tutor:

Directly move to the learning section clicking on Type-Fu. The typing tutor should look like below image –


  • To start learning to type hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard and to take a break use the “Esc” button. If you have paused the typing then you can restart from the beginning by pressing “R”. There are buttons also available to perform these tasks if you prefer not to use keyboard,
  • On the top left corner there is a menu bar from where you can change the type of lessons, keyboard layouts or other settings,
  • The words to be typed will be shown on the middle of the page,
  • Just below the sentences you will find out the keyboard layout available for your sight supporting,
  • In the left top corner there are buttons available to let you see what characters you have mistaken to type and what you have typed the most,
  • In the left there is a pane from where you will be able to see what is your WPM and accuracy of typing and how much time you took,

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In short, Typing-Fu is an excellent online typing tutor for beginners to learn typing and to practice typing online. Go ahead and become the master in typing.