TwitWipe: Delete All Tweets At Once

TwitWipe is an online tool that lets you delete all tweets at once or twitter posts in just a single go.

If you aim at deleting each and every tweet of your twitter account then you need TwitWipe for handling the hassle. Doing the task manually 0ne-by-one will require a lot of efforts and will lead to wastage of time. The two choices with you is to either do it the hard way or in a smarter manner.

At first look the whole concept of TwitWipe seems like a joke of some kind. I mean, who the hell would desire that such type of complete deletion? trust me; there may exist scenarios where complete wipeout of tweets is the only option left with.

If you desire a new beginning, desire cleaning the tweets before handling to someone, regretting about your past tweets or something like then TwitWipe is a the utility that will perform the magic.


In the following section, we  will let you know about the various features and functionalities of TwitWipe. Have a look …

Why not delete the account and create a new one?

This is one of the most relevant questions. The following points will help you in getting the answer:

  • On doing so, you will loose each and every follower and that is not good, the people you’re following.
  • You will have to reauthorize the applications and that might again prove very hectic.

TwitWipe allows you a chance for compete makeover without disturbing the twitter environment.  Slowly and steadily the past memories about you will vanish.

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How To Delete All Tweets At Once:

When you are ready for the major wipeout; begin by authorizing TwitWipe. For this, you will require clicking over the ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button on the home page.


  • Soon after that you will be taken to a new twitter page demanding to grant permission to the app.


  • To authorize, give a click over ‘Authorize app’ button. In no time you will be a redirect to the home page; but this time with following interface instead of the login console.


* give some time for java to load before proceeding further.

  • Finally, hit the ‘Start wiping’ link.  When prompted:


  • Select yes and wait for the application to perform the deletion task. You can stop the deletions at any point.


*  TwitWipe is likely to take some time for deleting the tweets. If some issue occurs then the simple suggestion is to reload the page and retry.

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Final Verdict:

As per experience, TwitWipe took a great deal of time and few retries still I recommend it because manual deletion of twitter-tweets will be far more painful.

Use it if and only when required!