Trusted Tarot: Free Online Tarot Card Reading

Trusted Tarot is a free online tarot card reading application that claims to utilize hand shuffled tarot cards. Actually, new spreads are updated everyday on server in same order as obtained on shuffling the deck with hands. This way it becomes somewhat personal and has something to do with sharing of positive energy (Whatever!).  Other highlight is its 100% spam-free and add-free environment.

On your visit to homepage you will be shown following interface.


The next thing to be done is to click on ‘Free Tarot Card Reading‘ button. Soon you will be taken to a new webpage with undisclosed deck in front of you.

Here you get the option to register and subscribe for tarot newsletter. You can also continue anonymously without having to register yourself.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading:

  • Now, think about the issue and click on any 10 cards. trustedtarot-free-online-tatrot-prediction
  • Soon after selecting the 10th card you will be redirected to a new page with prediction/answer/hint based upon the cards selected by you. You will need to spend some time reading the long explanation.
  • The ten cards selected by you represent following information in the order you made the selection.
    • Current influences
    • Obstacles
    • Past foundations
    • Past events
    • Goals and destination
    • Future influence
    • You
    • Friends and family
    • Your Fears, Hopes, and Ideals
    • The final outcome

* It is recommended that you wait for 24 hours before starting a new free Tarot reading. Also, do not query same question more than one time. That will only confuse you.

* One must not consider horoscopes and tarot predictions to be 100% accurate. If you believe in them, then look for the broader and better side.

The Final Verdict:

Trusted Tarot is a fun destination for sure. I don’t have the capabilities to evaluate the accuracy of free online tarot card predictions. Can you ? …

Lotus Tarot and can also be utilized for knowing, what’s in future. (Literally! )