Transfer large Files Online with SendSpace

SendSpace is a free service that allows you to transfer large files online. Here, you can share files up to 300 mb in size for free. The traditional way of sending email attachments does not work in case of big files as most of the email service providers disallow large file attachments.

Getting started with  SendSpace is very easy. On the homepage you will be presented the interface as in screenshot below.

 How To Transfer large Files Online:

  • In the center section of the webpage, you will be presented a file-upload box. Your task will be to click on the “browse” button after which you will be prompted about selecting files to be uploaded.Then following form will be presented to you.
  •  Next, you require entering your email address and the email address of the recipient in appropriate text-boxes at bottom. Just ensure that you don’t exceed the limit. If the total size of files is above your account limit then it will be a nice idea to send them in batches. More detailed information on plans and pricing can be obtained from here.
  • Then click on “Upload” button and  no time the uploading will begin.

The time required for uploading will depend upon the size of selected files and your bandwidth. Do not close the browser windows while uploading is still in progress, else the transfer will fail.

After successful uploading the person will receive an email with links to downland files. It must be taken into consideration that the uploaded files will be trashed after 30 days. It means that if the person fails to downland files within that period then you will require to resend.

In case you desire to upload even larger files above 300 mb in size then you can opt for any of the paid plans matching with your needs and requirements. More information on plans and pricing can be obtained from here.

The Final Verdict:

SendSpace is definitely a good choice to transfer large files online. The other alternatives such as DropSend, TransferBIGFiles, and GigaSize can also be utilized for same purpose.