TMWSD: Send Self Destructing Messages

TMWSD (ThisMessageWillSelfDestruct) is a free online application to send self destructing messages online. This online application can be quite useful in situations where you want the information to be conveyed without compromising your privacy, and in situations where where you want to pass the information without any proof. In addition, TMWSD online application to send self destruct messages also allows you to protect the message via password to ensure that it’s viewed only by the correct person.

The idea behind the service is to generated a unique URL with your message in it. This page will contain the code for deletion of record/file from the server at its end i.e. the page loads with message, then the page is deleted by itself, and upon page refresh nothing will be found.

No registration is necessary for getting started with TMWSD service to send self destruct messages online. (You may opt to register an account for tracking the messages). On visiting homepage, following interface will be presented to you. TMWSD-self-destrut

  • Now, your task will be to type the message or paste it from somewhere, accept the terms & conditions, specify a password (if needed), and to click on ‘SAVE THIS MESSAGE’ link.
  • Next, you will be shown the generated URL. Take care that you don’t open it by yourself, else it will expire.

You can now share the link with concerned person using the appropriate means. When the link is opened by recipient then the message will be shown to him and at the same time the page will be removed from backend. and Burn Note are other online tools with similar features.

* The HTTPs support is another advantage of using TMWSD service. Also, the information is encrypted before storage. The user passwords are safeguarded using heavy-duty hashing utility.

The Final Verdict:

TMWSD appears to be nice and legitimate service to send self destructing messages online. The 256 bit SSL support and option to password-protect your message are its top highlights. It must be taken into consideration that applications such as TMWSD are not meant for business communication. Also, you must not use it for sending indecent or hateful messages.