Take Screenshot Of Webpage Using BounceApp

Bounce app is and online utility that lets you take screenshot of webpage and to share those screenshots securely over notable with included feedback.

This is a totally free online application, yet there is an issue regarding its very existence. Getting a screenshot is just a matter of pressing the print-screen button with or without alt key and pasting in an image editor for cropping/delivering the final touch. So, why to use BounceApp to capture webpage online.

Well, it saves hassles and its convenient to use BounceApp. The procedure discussed above only captures the viewable area and is not suitable for getting screenshots of WebPages with scroll bar. Nor you require to crop neither you require to perform other sorts of editing.

In addition, it also allows you a quick and easy sharing options for the screenshot of webpage capture by you. BounceApp screenshot

How To Get Started Over BounceApp: Take Screenshot Of Webpage

  • Getting started over BounceApp is very easy as you require no login or registration. On the home page, you will find a textbox where you need to put  the URL of the webpage that you desire to extract and hit the ‘Grab Screenshot’ button.
  • Soon after a bit of processing, the captured screenshot will be shown to you.
  • Now, you can select the various sections if the page and add notes accordingly and share that over clue to make Create a one-click memory test or over notable.

* To add feedback simply drag the mouse over the page-image section and then add a note. It, not only captures the screenshot of the page but in full gory i.e. all CSS and JavaScript is loaded beforehand to provide you with the best possible image of the page.

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Have a look over the pints started below:

  • Screenshot of WebPages that require a prior authorization cannot be obtained via  BounceApp. For example on attempting to get the screenshot of a Facebook application over BounceApp, you will end up over login page.


  • Not always, but for few WebPages; text placement might appear a bit different.

The solution is simple i.e. to extract the image of your webpage locally using some utility or print-screen button. And then upload that over BounceApp. On the homepage, below the textbox you will find the link for uploading image.

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The Final Verdict:

BounceApp is a simple and convenient online utility to grab screenshot of webpage. My idea about using BounceApp is to use it as a fun-app. Simply, use it the way you like it.