Take Photos With Webcam Over Webcam Toy

The Webcam Toy is an interesting online picture-taking tool for taking photos with webcam online. There you will find a number of pre-set customization options for the output image.

The snaps that you click using Webcam Toy to take photos with Web-cam, can be downloaded on your hard disk. In addition, the user gets the option to share those over Facebook or Twitter. For sure, this online picture-taking tool is one of the interesting things that must be tried at least once.

In the section below, we will have a closer look over the various aspects of Webcam Toy. Lets begin with :

How To Get Started With Webcam Toy: A Tool To Take Photos With Web-cam —

You need not to undergo any sort of registration or login in order to enjoy the features of Webcam Toy. The visitors get the direct access as soon as the page gets loaded on the browser. It will be good to ensure that web-camera is already connected to the computer. This would ensure proper detection of device, else problems may arise.

webcam toy logo

The main page contains button stating “Ready?Smile!”. Your task would be to give a click over it and wait for processing to finish. Once the processing bar reaches 100, you will be prompted for granting the permission to the program for accessing your webcam. Look at the screenshot included below

Webcam Toy - Take photos online with over 60 fun camera effects

Click over allow and soon your webcam will become active.  If the screen still remains black then ensure that correct device had been set in the source.  Simply, right-click >> settings >> then click over the webcam icon and select the correct source for the video device.

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How To Take A Photo With Web-cam:

Webcam Toy - Take photos online with  old movie effects

On the bottom of the screen you will find the controls. You can use the arrow buttons to change the effects and depending upon the section the image will also change accordingly. Once you have got something interesting you can take the snap by giving a click over the button with Camera-Icon.

The count will begin and in meantime you must get positioned. Not, to worry because you can always retry and take unlimited photos online.

The recently taken image will now be shown to you. You can finally share that image over Facebook or twitter (if you desire.)

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Final verdict:

Webcam Toy is quite simple yet interesting tool to take pictures with Web-cam. Some of the image effects were really cool while others seemed quite weird. This online picture-taking tool to take photos with webcam is not a professional application but I have no issues in recommending it as an option for time-pass.

* The quality of image will be influenced with the quality of webcam being used in the task. Also, Flash plug-in must be compatible.


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