Store Music Online Over SoundCloud: Music Hosting Website

If you do Facebooking regularly then you might have heard about SoundCloud. It is a music hosting website where you can store music online as many as you can.

This online music storing tool, not only enables you to store tracks you have created but also lets you bound in a group of music lovers. In others words, you can store songs online and create a group where members can get bound in a group.

Though there are some premium options available but you will also be able to enjoy the facilities with a free account. Let me tell you about the pros and cons of this website below –

Pros of SoundCloud

  • Upload, edit and share your tracks online with anyone you want. You can also use the social networks to do so,
  • There is a waveform widget available for the members so that they can embed the tracks in your own websites or blogs if you want. For better collaboration you can use the WordPress plug-in as well,
  • To prohibit others from stealing your tracks you can use the secret link sharing facilities,
  • Use the fourteen days trial for the premium accounts to enjoy more facilities,

Con of SoundCloud

  • With a free account you can only use 120 minutes of free upload,
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How To Share Music Via This Tool To Music Store Music Online:

If you are looking forward to spread out your tracks with others then SoundCloud is the best platform for you. Just visit it and sign up a free account or login using your Facebook account. Once you have logged into your account you will be taken to the “Dashboard” from where you can upload and share all your tracks through SoundCloud. You can go to your things in this website by clicking the tab “You”, where the page will be something like below image –


Here you will be able to –

  • Explore through the different sections of the website from dashboard to your things, tracks, friends, groups etc.,
  • You have your public profile which can be customized according to your preference,
  • In “Your things” tab there are your tracks, set outs made by you, comments you have placed in the tracks, your favorite tracks and groups etc. will be visible,
  • Listen to your tracks with the player embedded in the page, you can set it as a favorite one, or edit the details of the tracks etc. You can also embed the tracks in your website or blogs,
  • Use the “Upload & Share” button to upload your tracks in,
  • There is a “Mini Update” where you can see how many times your tracks were played or your profile has been seen etc.,
  • There is a “Premium” sections where you can upgrade your account to a paid up one. For more details of paid account see the below image –


You can also gift a paid account to your friend in SoundCloud. For this you will have to buy the gift and the prices are available below –


Best of luck…