Silhouette: Free Online Tarot Card Reading And Predictions

Silhouette is an interesting website offering free online tarot card reading, Yes/No predictions, I Ching predictions, and Rune predictions.  Silhouette is all bout feeding your queries related to life, future, friends, partner, and family. It gives you hints and answers for me.

The tiny online applications at Silhouette are quite interesting; at least for me. It’s human nature to attempt looking beyond the horizon and Silhouette allows you to do that online. On visiting the homepage, following interface will be presented in front of you with options to try appropriate prediction module.


Lets have a look on each.

Yes/No Oracle

Here, you can get somewhat very direct answer to your very direct questions.

  • Here you will have type your query in the textbox. It will be a nice idea to write it in future tense and to enquire about something you are not sure.
  • Next, click on ‘Ask the oracle’ button to create to get the straightforward or semi-straightforward answer. silhouette-yes-no-Oracle


Free Online Tarot Card Reading

On your visit to tarot section following interface will be shown to you.


  • Begin with typing a question and then select the appropriate radio box from the list of available types of free online tarot card readings available at Silhouette.
  • In the next step, you will need to select either of the deck types (Silhouette or Colman-Smith).
  • Finally, you can click on ‘Ask the Oracle’ button to get your prediction after selecting card from the deck.

* The tarot section provides more hints than delivering straightforward answers. The amount of information and the type of information will vary as per the selections made by you. I repeat, look for the broader side rather than fetching the direct meaning. Also, do not query same question more than one time, until the situation changes significantly.

Runes Prediction:


The procedure for obtaining runes prediction is not very different. Type the question and select the option as per the question asked by you. Then click ‘Ask the oracle’ button to get  your dose of prediction.

I Ching Predictions:


Type your question followed by a click on ‘Ask the oracle’ button. To be true, I was not able to understand the I Ching  prediction based on Chinese book Zhouyi.

I tried to find if the website offers free online horoscope, but the attempt went in vain. For that you can try DailyHoroscope or Astroyogi.

The Final Verdict:

Its not the point that I believe in astrology or not; the point is that Silhouette is very interesting for sure. Now, you have two reasons with you. Consider giving it a try for sake of any.