ReadSpeeder: Free Online Speed Reading Application

ReadSpeeder is a free online application that can prove quite handy in improving the pace at which you read. The benefit of speed-reading comes in the form of time you save i.e. faster you finish reading, more time you get for other productive tasks. This free online speed reading application aims at tuning your mind and vision for faster and accurate reading.

Getting started with ReadSpeeder is easy. On visiting the homepage, you will be presented the interface as in screenshot below.


Next, you can click on the ‘Start Now’ button placed at the bottom section of the webpage. As a new user you will be prompted to login or to register an account. After custom form registration you’ll be presented the dashboard from where you can begin with free online speed reading.  At first you will be asked to take the baseline test. readspreeder-test

Now click on the start button and soon a passage will be presented to you. Your task will be to read it at your normal pace and then click on ‘Done’ button placed at the bottom. After the initial test you can continue with systematic reading practice.

ReadSpeeder offers 12 lessons divided in  three  levels and in four stages. You can attempt those one- by-one. The practicing interface is simple where you need to read the phrase being displayed in the textbox followed by a click on ‘Next Phrase’ button.readspreeder-practice  After completing the test you will be shown the result for particular test.

Any lesson can be attempted anytime, but you will only be able to save your progress in your account after passing the earlier lessons. The early lessons are easier, while the later ones are a bit difficult.

Caution While Your Free Online Speed Reading :

  • Focus on comprehension; speed will be the natural result.
  • Read and interpret each phrase, before you go to the next one.
  • Don’t just press the next button. It will improve your score, but won’t help.

Final Verdict:

ReadSpeeder is most likely to help a lot in improving your reading skills. Just try this free online speed reading application and evaluate it by yourself. Eyercize and ZAP Reader are two other speed reading online applications that you can try.