QuizStar For Teachers To Create Quiz Online

QuizStar  is an online quiz maker application that allows you to manage an online virtual class and create quiz online  for class-tests and evaluation purposes. This free online quiz creating tool offers automated reporting as well. There was time when you required to undergo a paid subscription for accessing features of QuizStar. Now, QuizStar has modified its policy and offering everything for free.

Getting started with QuizStar to create quiz online is simple where you require to fill a custom online registration form. Then, after a successful email verification, you will be able to set up an online class, add students in it, and create free online quizzes for them.

How To Create Quiz Online At QuizStar:

Before moving in further in context to quiz creation. It will be a nice idea to discuss…

Class Manager:

Using the class manager, you will be able to create online classes and manage them online.

  • On your first visit, you will be provided a see a ‘New Class’ button on the top-right section. On clicking over it a new form asking for the name of new class, class timing, class quota, class privacy and class description will be shown to you.
  • Now, fill the details and click on ‘create Class’ button. Soon you will be redirected the dashboard with an empty class. You can create multiple classes as per requirement.

Create Quiz Online

  • Now, its time to add students to your newly created class. For that you will have to click on ‘Student(s)’ button link of a particular class to visit the page for viewing details of students.
  • Begin with a click on ‘Add Student’ button and a new form for creating username and entering student details will be provided. You can either enter details manually or upload a compatible CSV file.

Using The Quiz Manager

Once you have created your online class. You can continue with creation of free online quizzes.

  • Click on ‘Quiz manager’ tab followed by a click on ‘New Quiz’ button.
  • In the next step, you will be presented a new online form asking for quiz details. Click on save button after filling initial details.
  • Now, you will be presented a new form for entering questions. You many enter HTML and attach multimedia files in order to create an interesting quiz for students.
  • In the end you can move to ‘Question List’ to place questions in desired order by simple dragging.

Now, you can ask students of the class to take quiz and you will be able to access their performance under ‘Report Manager’. Please note that QuizStar is not designed for taking formal exams like over Smarterer online quiz engine. You can also refer our post on Free online IQ Test.

The Final Verdict:

QuizStar is a very useful online quiz maker tool for conducting online tests. It, not only allows teachers to create free online quizzes, but also helps in tracking student performances. I have no issues in recommending QuizStar.

Update: The site is not operational anymore (8 feb 2013).