Privatize Messages Using Online Encryption: InfoEncrypt

InfoEncrypt is a free online encryption service that enables you safeguard the privacy of your messages in a very easy way. As the name suggests, InfoEncrypt is an online message encryption tool that helps in converting plain text to soothing unreadable.

In addition, this free online encryption tool can Decrypt what it encrypted provided the user knows the key/password. Suppose, I encrypted a message with help of a password (key). No, the information that was once meaningful will now look like a group of absurd characters. Now, the real information embedded in the encrypted content can only be Decrypted (revere encryption) by providing the valid unique key that was previously used to encrypt the information.

There are many scenarios where message-encryption is needed like:

  • You want to send a message that can only be read by your friend.
  • Your work at an office where traffic is filtered and monitored for keywords like ‘resume’ ,‘job’, ‘CV’ etc.
  • You are not sure about the security of data over network.
  • Sometimes it’s for fun where hypothetical Agent A sends a secret message to Agent B.

How to Encrypt a Message using this Online Encryption:

Well, no login or registration is required. On the bottom section of page you will find a form with big text area. Your task is to simply type/paste the message that you want to encrypt. Then specify a passwords (must be more than eight characters in length), confirm it and finally press over the Encrypt Button.

Online Encrypt-Decrypt your text messages -

Then some magic will happen and the text will get converted to something meaningless. Look at the snap positioned below:

Online dectrtyour text messages -

Now, you can copy that message and do whatever you wish to do with it. The person who knows the password can only decrypt the encrypted text.

Final observations:

  • When I tried to decrypt the information without password nothing happened and a warning message was flagged.
  • The information got decrypted every time but in lack of a valid password it was still unreadable and not understandable.
  • To my surprise InfoEncrypt worked successfully over double-encrypted (encrypting the already encrypted information ) text.

The site is not hosted over SSL (http status un-trusted) therefore InfoEncrypt is recommended only for personal/recreational use only. The concept of this online encryption tool is great and likely to rock among Bond fans. Time to encrypt and send some secret messages ….