PogoFrog: Medical Search Engine

PogoFrog is a dedicated medical search engine specifically designed for Physicians. The benefit of using this online search engine is that it only shows credible medical information.

Physicians, usually find it hard to get information on various healthcare subjects as the Internet is flooded with highly search engine optimized content for lay men. For them searching reliable information over popular online search engine becomes a time-consuming process. On the other hand, PogoFrog medical search engine offers them a quick and direct access to the required information.

In the below given section, we have review on features offered by PogoFrog medical search engine. Have a look …

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Getting Started Over PogoFrog Medical Search Engine:

Accessing information using PogoFrog is completely free. There exists no hassle to undergo a login or registration. On visiting the homepage, the user is provided with an interface as displayed in screenshot placed below.


Performing Searches Over Medical Search Engine

The search-procedure over PogoFrog is similar to any other online search engine.

  1. Simply, provide the query containing keyword in the textbox.
  2. Now, click on the ‘search’ button and soon you will be taken to a new page displaying the results.
  • The person can filter the results by date the page was posted by utilizing the attached dropdown list.
  • The task of the user will be to click on the appropriate link to visit the page. The quality of the search-result from view if a physician was really nice. Most of the webpages were highly relevant, free from fillers and dealt directly to the subject.
  • PogoFrog excludes all consumer sites and only displays webpages from highly credible healthcare websites like  FDA.gov, peer-review journal sites, and a few more.
  • In addition, to maintain the quality PogoFrog continuously asks for feedback from users/physicians about their experiences and suggestion they have.

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The Final Verdict For PogoFrog:

PogoFrog online searching fulfills all requirements for being a medical search engine. If you are a Physicians and still wasting time on other online search engines, then its time for change. Consider giving it a try and evaluate by yourself.

* PogoFrog medical search engine shall only be utilized for reference purpose only. It’s better to consult some expert in field to be sure.

* PogoFrog has recently introduced an oncology medical search engine. it can be accessed by clicking on link over homepage.