Pixer: Advance Online Image Editor

Pixer is a free online image editing application. This online image editor allows you to perform quick modifications to your images as if operating on a desktop based photo editor. In other words, Pixer is quite different than those slow online photo editors with limited set of supported operations.

For getting started with Pixer, you will not need to create an account, nor require to install any extra software on your PC. On visiting, homepage following interface will be presented to of you. pixer-free-online-advance-image-editing-application

Using Pixer Online Image Editor:

  • In the very beginning you will require to replace the default image with yours. Click on ‘Choose File’ button placed on the top-left section to select an image on yourPC. Then click on newly populated ‘Upload & Edit’ button. Soon, the new image will become visible for editing.
  • On the top section you will find the buttons stating save, undo, resize, rotate, flip, effects, brightness & contrast, saturation, ColorFX, Blur & Sharpen, and SpecialFX. Click on appropriate control as per requirement.
  • The available options will become visible in the panel to left. (Options will change as per selection made by you)
  • You can easily apply the desired changes by clicking on the appropriate button. On doing so the image will reload and the updated version will be presented each time.

In case you are not satisfied by the change; click on ‘Undo’ button at top followed by a click on ‘Undo’ button in the left panel. To reset the image in its original state you will have to click on adjacent ‘original’ button.

If you are new then you will require spending some time understanding interface of Pixer advance online image editor. It’s very easy and not much explanation is required.

The Final Verdict:

Pixer is one of the very few online image editors that really come handy. I have no issues in recommending Pixer to you. Another free online image editor in my good book is Pixenate.

Pixer is really nice application and most probably you won’t be disappointed by its image editing capabilities. You may also try other online image editors such as Pyctur, PicMonkey, and PicJuice.