PipeBytes: Transfer Large Files Online

PipeBytes is a free online service that lets you transfer large files online in an easy manner. The best part about this online service is that it can be utilized for sharing file of any size and that too for free (very large files). Another advantage is that PipeBytes is a totally platform independent software i.e. all you need is a web browser and a access to internet; no dependencies at all.

Getting started with PipeBytes is very easy. You can begin with file transferring without having to register an account. On the homepage, you’ll be presented the following interface.


In the section to the left is a form for sending file and in its right is another form for receiving file.

How To Transfer Large Files Online By Using PipeBytes?

All you need is to follow the simple procedure stated below.

  • Click on ‘Choose File’ button and then specify a single file to be uploaded. Soon after the file selection the unique link for sharing that file will be generated and shown in the textbox beneath.
  • Then, you can type the optional message in the textbox the upload button.
  • Finally, click on ‘Send File’ button and soon uploading will begin.


* The most interesting part about sharing files via PipeBytes is that you can share the file, while the uploading is still in progress.

* In case, you want to send more than one file then it will be a nice idea to compress those in an archive file.

You can share the the file by sending the download URL or the Code using appropriate means (Via email, or messaging). The receiver can now open the link or paste the code in ‘Receive’ from on the homepage followed by a click on ‘Pickup file’ button.

* It is recommended that before sharing some confidential information, better encrypt it beforehand.

The Final Verdict:

PipeBytes  is a good option for you to transfer large files online. Specially the feature for simultaneous file exchange. In case, you face any difficulty then you can opt for the options like Zeta Uploader, WikiSend, FileFactory, and SeaFile.

* Obviously! support for files in any size does not means that you will be able to transfer files in terabytes.