PhpCodePad: Practice PHP Online

PhpCodePad is an online application to practice PHP online. This free application comes handy in situations where you don’t have an IDE Installed on your device. Here, you type/copy-paste the PHP code and the application will execute it for you. The syntax errors will be highlighted or the output will be presented to you. It must be noted that PhpCodePad is not an online IDE for PHP i.e. it simply is a platform for executing simple PHP code and its debugging.

Getting started with PhpCodePad is all about visiting the homepage where you will be shown the interface as in screenshot below.   PHP-code-pad-online-Application

Practice PHP Online:

  • In the middle portion of the webpage will be a text area for placing the code you desire to execute. You may begin with “<?php” and end with “?>” but is not mandatory.
  • Next, you will require to click on “ParsePHP();” button and within a few seconds the output will be echoed on top of the webpage.

One must not expect too much from this free online application to practice PHP online. I tried and tested various things and came to conclusion that PhpCodePad is of no help when it comes about executing code related to file handling, Database management, and Curl. Definitely that is a security implementation which makes it less useful. Another disadvantage is that this free application to practice PHP online works strictly for PHP code only i.e. you cannot parse HTML tags.

The good things about PhpCodePad are:

  • The only requirement is an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Line numerotation
  • Word-wrap support
  • Search and replace (with regexp)
  • Auto-indenting new lines
  • PHP Syntax Highlights
  • Full screen mode

The Final Verdict:

PhpCodePad is nice, but has a very limited scope for implementation. It allows you the freedom to practice from anywhere at any time. Just remember that you cannot test everything with this online application.

If you are interested in trying an online IDE then consider trying online applications such as  OrgapageCodeAnyWhere, and ShiftEdit.