PDFCrowd: Online PDF Converter

As the name suggests, PDFCrowd is an online PDF converter that lets you create PDFs online. The service is available for free and you need not to pay a single penny for using it. Here, you can create Web/HTML to PDF. The readers must not confuse it with some traditional document to PDF converter.

PDFCrowd is more about HTML and web pages. Below given is a brief overview of the features, functionalities and options available at PDFCrowd online PDF creator. Have a look …

PDFCrowd, being an online application does not demand any sort of software or plug-in installation over your PC. This  makes PDFCrowd highly portable. All you need is a live Internet connection.

Features of this Online PDF Converter:

  • Allows you to make web pages to PDF along with HTML to PDF.
  • Lets you customize page dimensions and margins.
  • The converted files retain colors and styles as PDFCrowd fully supports HTML, CSS2 and JavaScript.
  • Support for adding Watermark is also present.
  • Offers special customization options for headers and footers of the file to be generated.
  • The user can upload a zipped HTML document with external resources ( style sheets, images).
  • Secure HTTPS conversion can also be performed over the site.
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The online PDF maker website has a simple interface for converting web pages to PDF, HTML text to PDF and also includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Performing the conversions is really simple and you require selecting the right tab and follow the instructions.

Pdfcrowd: online PDF converter

The thing that differentiates from ordinary HTML to PDF converter is the availability of API for all major platforms like PHP, ASP, Java, and more. Full documentation is available over the official website.

  • The integration process is really simple and does not require any third-party libraries. The developer needs to ensure that web pages are publicly accessible over world-wide web.
  • The API is almost bug free and promises 99% uptime.

* It is free to use and implement the PDFCrowd API over web pages, but a paid subscription will be required for use in commercial environment.

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The Final Verdict:

Upon looking at every aspect of PDFCrowd online PDF converter tool, we hardly have any suspicion regarding the capabilities of PDFCrowd. The included link might be a bit disappointment for few people. The only way to remove that is to register online (payment will be required).

Ignoring that; PDFCrowd online PDF converter is a really nice online application and quite harmless.