PDFConverter: A Free Online PDF Converter

PDFConverter is a free online PDF converter tool that allows you to convert documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc. to PDF format.

This online pdf converter is a simple and effective way for creating PDFs on the go. You will not require any soft of plug-in or installation over your PC i.e. the functionality can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Not only this, this free online pdf converter also supports the cross conversion (PDF to DOC, PPT and XLS)

In the following section we will have a closer look upon various features and limitations of PDFConverter. Lets begin with…

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How To Get Started with this Free Online pdf Converter:

The PDFConverter is a simple and user-friendly online service. No registration or login will be required. The visitor gets full access to all features and can begin the conversion from the next moment.

Free Online PDF Converter - PDFConverter.com

How To Create pdf Online Via PDFConverter:

On the main page, you will find the ‘create PDF’ button on the top right section. Give it a click and a form similar to the screenshot included below will be presented to you.

create PDF

Now, your task would be to select the file over your hard disk, fill-in your email address and finally click over the ‘start!’ button and convert to pdf.

After a very short processing, you will be notified about the conversion status. To download the converted file, you will have to visit your inbox and click over the download link. (Provide a valid email in the previous step otherwise you won’t be able to download the converted file)

PDF to Doc, XLS and PPT conversion:

PDFConverter also supports :

  • PDF to Doc
  • PDF to XLS
  • PDF to PPT

On the main page, you will find the appropriate buttons. Your task will be to give a simple click. The format of the form will not be very different form the one include above. Simply select the file over your hard disk, fill-in your email address and finally click over the ‘start!’ button.

Limitations of PDFConverter:

Below are the few limitations of this free online PDF converter. Have a look:

  • Maximum upload allowed is limited to 2MB at a time.
  • Like most of the online PDF converters it delivers no support for password-protected PDF files.
  • Asks for email address before any conversion.
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Final verdict:

The PDFConverter is definitely a recommended tool as this free online pdf converter delivers you the ability to convert files to PDF format on the go. The quality of the output was quite decent. Anyhow, it was a bit annoying to enter email address every time on the conversion form. The over all impression of PDFConverter was quite good.

Go get the online pdf converter and convert files to pdf format !