OpenPhoto: Online Photo Sharing Tool

OpenPhoto is an online photo sharing website that has come to you with some extra facilities where you can not only upload and share pictures online but also can you make them available for only those people to whom you want it to be shared with.

Though their website’s name is OpenPhoto but in this online photo sharing website, your uploaded images are not open for public viewing until and unless you permit them to be viewed publicly. The developers of this online picture sharing kit firmly believe that your pictures are safe according to copyright act.

Features of Online Photo Sharing Tool:

  • You need to follow only two steps to share your pictures using your own website that is made as a sub-domain of OpenPhoto. Just provide the information about your preferred domain name and your email address and then upload your images,
  • This website also provides services to connect OpenPhoto account with Dropbox and Amazon S3 account as well so that you will not be in need of storing them in this website,
  • Just use your own website to share all your pictures with your friends online,
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How To Use OpenPhoto:

You can visit OpenPhoto anytime to have your own online image sharing website. If you are thinking you will do it later than just bookmark this post in your browser or if you are going to do it promptly then I think I should start right now. Anyways I am showing you how to have a website to share pictures online.

Once you arrive at the page you will see a form having only two fields asking you to sign up for an account like below image –


  • You need to provide a valid email address and the name you want to use in your sub-domain like,
  • After filling this form you can use an optional feature to connect your OpenPhoto account with your Dropbox or Amazon S3 accounts so that it will use your storage services to backup images online. Click on “Create my account” which will take you to a page,
  • On the page that loads there will be services available for you to upload as many as images you want. You can put tags so that your website will be visible in the search engines. Set your permission either public or private for the safety purposes and then click “Start Uploading” to store images online,
  • After you images are uploaded you can check them back on your sub-domain as we told you before. The page should look like below image –


In short, OpenPhoto is a nice photo sharing tool online to share photos with your friends, and lobed ones without paying even a single penny.