Onnix: Free Online Proxy

Onnix is a free online proxy provider that helps you in hiding your real identity while web-browsing. You must know that whenever you browse internet then your original IP address, ISP (Internet service provider) and other information can be easily recorded by the websites. This means that you do not remain anonymous anymore.

On using an online proxy such as Onnix, you fetch content from various websites in an indirect manner. No actual connection is established between you and the website being accessed. Here, the proxy service acts as a mediocre between both parties i.e. requests are sent and received from the proxy server to the client (user) as well as the website. In this sort of mechanism the websites are unable to fetch real IP address or other information. It also comes handy in scenarios where the network admin has implemented restrictions regarding accessing few websites.

Using Onnix Free Online Proxy:

On visiting the proxy page you will be presented following interface with a textbox. Next, you require entering the URL that you want to browse.


  • Then click on ‘Enter’ button and soon you will be redirected to a new page with requested-webpage within-it.
  • On top left section of the webpage you will find ‘Hide me’ button that will toggle to ‘show me’ on click and vice-versa. The textbox there can be utilized for entering a fresh URL and accessing it online via Onnix free online proxy.
  • Below the textbox exists the checkboxes for disabling JavaScript, Images, Titles, and for stripping meta information. You will require using them as per requirement.

Important Issues:

  • It is considered safe to avoid login or registration via some proxy account.
  • One must avoid using an online browser based proxy service for making online purchases.
  • In general, the site being accessed will take more time to load via some proxy.

The Final Verdict:

Onnix free online proxy is quite nice. Its good for many purposes, but there are many situations where the webpages might not load properly. HideMyAss is a highly recommended free online proxy service that you can try.