Online VISA ATM Locator

The VISA ATM Locator is a World-class service for finding ATMs near you. The best part is that the service works like a centralized search-engine for finding ATMs round the globe. Almost all Visa enabled ATMs are geographically indexed and this official web application allows you to easily locate them.

The most impressive feature is that it lets you to view location of ATMs on Bing Map and this really aids you in reaching the Machine without much hassle. Visa ATM locator is 100% free to use.

How To Use Online VISA ATM Locator:

On visiting the official webpage; following interface will be presented to you.


  • The webpage contains a search box, which is to be utilized for querying any location. Just type the address in the search box and hit enter button.
  • Soon you will be taken to another webpage with list of ATMs. In the panel to the right will be a map showing various ATM locations. The option to filter ATMs with different facilities is a really nice feature. For that, you will require selecting/un-selecting check-boxes on top.   online-Visa-ATM-Locator
  • On the top-right corner above the map is the ‘Send Results’ button. Click on it and soon you will be redirected to the form to send/receive the search result link via SMS. Visa-ATM-Locator-online To be true, I would have been happier to receive the address than just a link.

The Final Verdict:

I must admit that Online VISA ATM Locator is good, but not as impressive as MasterCard ATM locator. The search results obtained with latter were much more focused and refined. Maybe, an issue with geographic Indexing.  Still, it is the best online destination to locate ATMs supporting Visa cards.

The simple suggestion by my side is to use this free web application before beginning the journey for places you are not so familiar with.