An Online mp3 Splitter and mp3 Joiner

OnlineFileSplitter, as the name suggests, is an online mp3 Splitter for splitting audio files into n number of equal sized section, where n can be any integer between 1 to 100. Basically, OnlineFileSplitter is an online audio Splitter and an mp3 joiner to let you split audio files and to join two separate audio files into one.

In other words, this online mp3 splitter lets you divide large audio files into smaller section. The thing to be noted is that it’s a splitter not a cutter.

Not only this, you can also create larger audio file by adding two or more files using its the included mp3 joiner. Hence, providing facilities like an mp3 joiner.

How To Get Started Over Online Audio Splitter:

The onlinefilesplitter is and extremely simple tool. No login, registration or any sort of plug-in will be needed. The interface is very simple and is divided into two major sections:

  • Split File
  • Join Files

The online mp3 joiner will be visible by default and the joiner can be access upon giving  a click over the appropriate link.

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How To Use This Online mp3 Splitter —

On the file splitter you will find an upload box. Now give it click and select an audio file residing over your PC. Now, it will be your task to specify the desired file size of the splitted ones. It is very important that the size you provide for file-splitting must never be more than the size of the actual file uploaded. Now, upon successful uploading of the audio file the ‘Split’ button will become active and require a click.

Online File Splitter-Joiner

After a short processing the download in zip format will be available to you.

* The number of splits cannot exceed 100 and therefore always ensure that you provide an appropriate file size.

Moreover, It shall not be confused with an mp3 cutter i.e. you do not have control over the audio extraction and everything happens by default depending upon the file you specified.

How To Use The Online File Joiner —

It is extremely easy to use mp3 joiner. The interface looks somewhat like the one included below:

Online File Joiner

Before using the mp3 joiner, you will need to copy the files to a different folder over your PC and rename them as .001, .003, .004 and so on. Then using the upload box you will require adding them to the list. Suppose an undesired entry got added accidently then you can delete that  by clicking over the ‘X’ in front of that.

Again, after a successful upload the ‘Join’ button will become visible.

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Final verdict:

As per experience the OnlineFileSplitter appeared to be quite slow. The quality of the output after splitting and joining was quite decent. Just an average tool.

Update: The site is not operational anymore (8 feb 2013).




    wtf idiot ! where is the link to the joiner ! fuuuu !

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    Where is the online splitter? I do not see it. Read all the info. Where is the splitter?

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    where is the joiner`s link? :S why is it not given!!!! :@

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    the link is ONLINEFILESPLITTER.COM….donot know why he didnt make it obvious.