Online Image Editor: PhotoGramio

PhotoGramio is a free online image editor which can be utilized for adding effects to your images, applying image-filters, and for experiencing some lightweight advance online painting. The collection of these three different apps makes PhotoGramio one of the highly preferred destination for modifying images online.

Using the image editing tools available at PhotoGramio is 100% free and you don’t require paying a single penny. All you need is to visit the homepage where you will be presented the respective links for accessing those three flash-based tools.


Next, you require clicking on “Get Started” button and in no time the respective interfaces will be presented to you.

Online Image Filter Tool:

online-photo-filterHere, you require following the three step procedure for applying filter to your image. You can either upload an image from your PC or utilize the webcam.

After uploading the image you will be presented the list of filters and you can select one with a mouse click. Then you will be asked to apply one of the available effects.  Finally, you will be prompted to select a frame for image. In each step the preview will be presented instantly.

Once you are satisfied with output then click on “save” button at bottom to download the image. It is not mandatory to go through all steps and you can save image anytime.

Online Photo Effects Tools:


This image editing application by PhotoGramio is all about performing the corrections and adjustments in your images.  The tool set is quite rich with multiple options available under headings like adjustments, Effects, overlay, border, sticker and text. If the discussed online image filter tool was wizard based then this is all about taking control in your hands.

Online Photo Editor:


This tool  can really perform advance image editing. Its capabilities lie between that of Paint and Corel. You can use it for editing existing images on your PC or for drawing something from scratch. What I realized was that its nothing but the Pixlr image editor already reviewed and appreciated by me.

The Final Verdict:

PhotoGramio is a really nice option to try. I have least hesitation in recommending it.


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