Online Audio Joiner Application

Online Audio Joiner is a free online application that can help you in combining two or more mp3 files in a highly convenient manner. This browser based Mp3 joiner application is accessible anytime and form any place.  It is 100%  free from hassles of registrations and can be accessed instantly.

On visiting the homepage of Online Audio Joiner app you will be presented the interface as in screenshot below.    Mp3 joiner online

How to Use Online Audio Joiner Application?

Have a look on the procedure for joining multiple audio files using Online Audio Joiner application:

  • The foremost task will be to specify the audio files to be joined together.  For that click on ‘Add tracks’ button placed on the top-left section of the flash-based interface.
  • Next, you will be prompted to select the audio files (MP3, WAV, etc). (A simple suggestion by my side is that before combining the audio files, it will be a nice idea to copy them in separate folder and rename them numerically in the order you want them to appear in the combined file). You always have the option to add one audio file at a time.   Free-online-MP3-Joiner
  • Each individual file added by you will appear as separate block as in screenshot above. Each block contains two slider at its corner to mark the beginning and end of the section. You can utilize the play button on top to ensure whether the selection is right or requires fine tuning.
  • In middle of two audio blocks you will find the button to enable or disable the option to crossfade .
  • Once you done with all that; click on ‘Join’ button placed at bottom. The processing will begin and might take some time depending upon the size and number of audio files to be joined. Then you will be presented the link to download the generated audio files after combining the smaller ones. application-to-Join-Mp3-online

* The size of the file might not be optimized in a few cases.

The Final Verdict:

Online Audio Joiner application is a very simple solution to join mp3 files online. It is free and includes no hassles at all.

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