MP3Cut: Online Audio Cutter

Mp3Cut online audio cutter is a tool that helps you in cutting / extracting parts of an mp3 file. It can prove to be a great tool for creating ringtones online from a big mp3 song and other tasks.

In the section below, we will have a brief look over the features of this online mp3 cutter. Meanwhile, we will also have a look over the procedure to extract parts of the mp3 files using it. Have a look:

The interface of Mp3Cut online audio cutter is extremely simple and easy-to-use. It’s completely free from login and registration hassles i.e. the visitors are granted free and instant access.

How To Cut Audio File Using Mp3Cut:

You can easily use MP3Cut online mp3 cutter to extract desired chunk of a mp3 file. The process has been divided into three parts. Have a look:

  • In the very beginning, you will need to specify an audio mp3 file. For this you will need to perform a simple uploading of the specific file by pressing the ‘Upload mp3’ button.

Mp3 cutter online - split songs free

  • Now, wait for the selected mp3 file to upload.
  • Once the uploading is complete, the second step can be performed. Your task will be to mark the beginning and end of the section that you want to cut from the whole song. On the interface, you will find the two pointers. Drag them to appropriate location. For reference you can have a look over the screenshot included below.

step 2 Mp3 cutter online - split songs free

  • It will be a nice idea to listen the section before moving to the next step. You always have the flexibility to perform the adjustments as per you requirement.
  • Upon satisfaction, you will need clicking the ‘Cut and Download’ button in order to save the file to your PC.

step 3 Mp3 cutter online - split songs free

Another, nice thing about Mp3Cut online music cutter is that you need not to upload the master file again in order to extract a different section. Just make sure that the downloading of the previously selected section is completed beforehand.

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Have a look over the following drawbacks:

  • The process involves file-upload and that takes time to complete. There are online Mp3 cutters that are free from such hassles.
  • Does not support audio files other than mp3.
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A Quick Overview:

It is a nice tool to cut mp3 files and create ringtones online. We have no issue in allotting it an average rating.