8 Online Applications Selected From The Week Ending Aug 5th, 2012

Here are 8 online applications selected from the week ending Aug 5th, 2012. Yupp…its a weekly featured article that includes some selected online applications such as emoticons for Facebook chat, inbound marketing tool, online Fax service, HTML5 editor, online letter generator, handwriting to font converter, and the like.

Each application proves to be quite beneficial in some or the other way. Below given is the description of each online application. Now, before I get down towards the description of each online application, let me quickly point down the names– such as HelloFax, I2Symbol, ReadWriteThink, WritingFonts, Dillinger, JamStudio, Dumpr, and more…

Lets get started —


An online application that provides free emoticons for Facebook chat using which you can express you feelings and emotions while chatting with your friends over Facebook. Emoticons are required for thousands of reasons while chatting. Around 35 different categories are available in emoticons to choose from. In addition, you can also create your own emoticons online. Read more about I2Symbol or simply try it out here.


Cuutio is an inbound marketing tool using which can increase you sales online. This online SEO tool lets you monitor up to 250 keywords and know your exact position in Google ranking. In addition, you can track your website’s competitor. Well, I would say SEO is one of the best ways to increase  the traffic over you website. Extract more info about Cuutio or just give it a try here.


An online fax service, HelloFax lets you send fax online and receive fax online without having the real fax machine. You can share common company documents by sending fax online. And yea…you will get an online fax number that you can use while sending fax online. Read more about HelloFax or simply try it out here.


It’s an online font converter that allows you to convert handwriting to font. Well, the application has been designed for people who want to introduce something creative in you writing styles. The good part is that the available fonts are downloadable to PC, hence you can easily download your favorite font style and use the same while writing. Get more info about WritingFonts or try it here.


Dumpr is an online photo converter that lets you convert images to pencil sketch online. You efforts would involve just uploading of a photo, that’s it. Now, rest all will be taken care by the website and soon you will be displayed with your picture that has been converted to pencil sketch. The application supports photos from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, web URL, or from your PC. You can also share the converted image with your friends online. Read more about Dumpr or simply give it try here.


As the name says, JamStudio is an online application that lets you jam music online in an easy way. You can also upload you own music to expand your talent across the world. Also, the website is facilitated with a separate classroom for musicians where you can learn music online. Extract more info about JamStudio or simply give it trial here.


Yet another utility online application, Dillinger is an online HTML5 editor that lets you edit HTML text online. As you start typing the markdown text, the corresponding screen will start displaying the formatted text. You can also connect Dillinger with dropbox and import files along with saving documents online. Read more about Dillinger or directly start editing HTML5 here.


Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least online application, ReadWriteThink. It’s an online letter generator that lets you create a letter online without making much efforts. Once you have created a letter successfully, you can now save it on your PC in .rtw format. Now, if you want to make further changes in that letter, you can easily do it by uploading it again. Read more about ReadWriteThink or simply give it try here.