NotePub: Free Online Notepad

NotePub is a simple and free online notepad that lets you create notes online without signing-in or downloading any software.

NotePub has quite advance features in comparison to similar online applications. With the help of this online note taking tool, you can create notes online and access them on the go from anyplace at anytime.

In the section below, we have discussed the various attributes of this cool tool. Have a look:


How To Get Started Over this Free Online Notepad:

On the NotePub you will require to register yourself before being able to access its features . For registration/login:

  • Input a username in the text box and click over ‘Login’ button.
  • Then a new text box will appear on the screen for the password.

(if the provided login name exits then you will require to repeat the process by providing a new username. The same interface will be used for login)


How To Create Notes Online:

After the login you will be taken to the member’s area. To be true, it did not come out as expected.  In the editor, the background was so dark that you will not be able to view the content. To view the available options I had to manually select the content so that i could make out what was written on the page. Just have a look over the dark screenshot included below.


You can share the created note over Facebook, twitter and NotePub. This can be done while selecting the barely visible check boxes and the save button.

The another glitch is that NotePub is not a completely free tool the subscription charge is about $6 per year. Most of the options won’t work because  you haven’t made the purchase. I suspect, if anyone would be willing to buy the dirt.

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As per the experience and use. The following limitations got highlighted:

  • The option for social media share is completely useless until the user makes a paid subscription.
  • The web note editor, T&C and more pages were hardly visible with normal eyes.
  • Even link sharing is disabled and the notes cannot be shared by anyone until you share username and password with the person.
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Final verdict:

The NotePub night be a good tool for creating web notes but it charges for the services that others deliver for free. The interface is also very poor and the simple advice to readers is that they stay away from it. Hopefully,  NotePub might improve some day.