Myna Audio Editor: Online Audio Editing Tool To Remix Tracks

Myna Audio Editor is an online audio editing application for editing sound tracks and music files by adding amazing sound effects or by putting your own voice into a selected song, thereby making a remix of the selected song.

With the help of this online tool to make a song remix, you can perform the trimming, stretching, looping  and many other tasks over your audio file as per the need and requirement.  The online audio editing tool is also equipped with capabilities for time stretching. You can also remix music tracks and create your own unique music.

In the section below we will have a look over the various features of this amazing online audio editing tool.

How To Get Started Over Myna Online Audio Editing Application:

  • Getting started over Myna Audio Editor is quite and easy task where you need to undergo a simple registration. Alternatively, you can login directly using your Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or Google account.
  • Once you have done that, you will be taken to the control panel.  This is a flash-based interface therefore, make sure that your Adobe player plug-in is up to date.


  • The next task will be to upload an audio file. You can upload audio files either from your PC or import clips from the online music library. You also get the option to add audio track using the microphone connected to the PC.

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Uploading an Audio File:

  • To upload audio file( .wav, mp3, ogg, mp4, .aif) for your PC, click over the file menu and then click over the ‘Import Audio…’.
  • Soon, you will be taken to the import wizard. Select the file over your hard disk by giving a click over the browse button and rest is all about following the instructions.
  • It will take some time to upload the audio track. The added files can be reused whenever you visit later.


How To Remix A Song Online:

  1. At the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘Imported’ button. On giving it a click, the list of available tracks will be presented to you in the right side of the control panel.
  2. From there, you can drag those to any of the tracks(in editor). This is where the fun begins and after a bit of experimentation, you will be able to create great music.
  3. One of the approach is to create a combination of songs where the previous is about to end while the next is about to begin. You also get option to play with various settings of each audio track like the volume control, pitch, sound effects and much more.
  4. Once you are done with the task; you can save and download the work using file menu.
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The Final Verdict:

The Myna Audio Editor is perhaps one of the best online audio editors. Give it a try and create your very own version of music.