MockingBird: Online Wireframe Application

MockingBird is an online wireframe application that makes it very easy for you to create mockups for a website or an application.

The key feature of MockingBird is about its simplicity and ease of use. It can prove an idle choice for website developers to create a workflow for their upcoming websites.

This website mockup tool is free to use and is also quite effective. Below, we have includes a very short review about the features and functionality of MockingBird online wireframe tool . Let us have a look over.

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How To Get Started Over MockingBird Online Wireframe:

  • On the home page, you will find the ‘Try it Now’ link. That will take you to the dashboard but it is recommended that you login/register before using the online mockup builder. The screenshot placed below will let you know about the plans and pricing.

Mockingbird - Wireframes on the fly -

  • To create a free account, you will have to follow the link highlighted in red. On a free account, you can create a single project with maximum ten pages. Well, that is quite sufficient for creating an online wireframe of a simple website with decent feature. Soon after a successful login you will be redirected to the dashboard.

gomockingbird online wireframe app

  • Rest is a simple task where you will drag and drop the items, customize them on various slides.
  • Adding a new slides to  your projects over MockingBird online wireframe tool app is very simple. Simply, click over the ‘+’ button to add a new slide. To add a secondary page, simply drag it over the primary page. The pages can be repositioned anytime.

mockup builder

  • The availability of controls is huge which makes this mockup builder very complete in itself. Anyhow, if you are looking for too much details in your website wireframe then problem may arise. To be true, a mockup is all about representing the workflow of a site and such details will not be necessary.
  • Once you are finished; save the project. You can also export in PDF and PNG formats.
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The Final Verdict:

The nice thing about MockingBird mockup builder is that its online and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The interface is also simple, yet effective. Despite of the few glitches the overall impression was very good. The MockingBird is a highly recommended utility for web developers who like to plan a bit before beginning the code. Give it a free trial to evaluate it yourself!