LunaPic: An Online Photo Editor

LunaPic is an advance online photo editor that lets you add interesting effects to your images, create custom collage, generate gif animations and edit/paint images online. Being online, it be accessed anytime from anywhere.

At first look, this online image editing tool appears to have been stuffed with features. In the following section we will have a closer look over the various features of this online image editor and attempt pronouncing a verdict based on facts.


How To Get Started with this Online Photo Editor: LunaPic —

LunaPic is a 100% free online photo editing service. No login or registration will be required in order to access it’s features. The LunaPic has so much to offer that you might get somewhat confused. Allow us to make things simpler for you.

LunaPic Online Photo EditorIn order to make things clearer, you must have a look over the procedures for the following operations.

Adding an image/images for editing

The foremost thing required will be to add an image.There are two mode:

  • add by uploading image from your computer
  • add image from an unblocked URL or from your Facebook, LunaPic, Flickr or Firefox account.

Moreover depending upon the type of operation you desire to perform you can upload a single or multiple images.

Now, suppose that you intend to create an animation/create a collage over LunaPic. For this you will require adding multiple images to get the effect. Simply, click over the “+ Add more images for Animation or Collages”  and the interface will become visible.

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How to Create a GIF animation over LunaPic:

LunaPic Online Photo Editor uploadThen, simply select the files in correct order and click over ‘Upload All Images. A maximum 9 images can be added.

Finally save the image (with right-click >> save as) after performing the operations like cropping and adding effects. The format will be .gif.

In the screenshot above, you can have a look over the drop down list highlighted in red. The operation will be performed as per the selection.

Cons of LunaPic online image editor —

  • The interface is not so impressive. Moreover, after doing any operation the page refreshes every time and thus adds to the complication.
  • The final images are not well optimized and the file size is somewhat big.
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Final verdict —

Despite of the few issues LunaPic is indeed a nice application. This online photo editing tool provides you with option for easy and quick online photo editing. LunaPic is quite unique. Give this online photo editor a try to experience yourself. Remember, its a free online image editor and you need not to pay a single penny to access it’s features.