LoopLabs: An Online DJ Mixer

LoopLabs is a well-organized online DJ mixer offered by the Clubcreate.com. Using this online DJ mixer, you can easily create music tracks even if you do not have knowledge about DJ’s or mixing some music loops.

This online music mixing application has a simple user-interface with a collection of loops and sounds for the users to peak from. The timeline is the most attractive addition in this online DJ mixer because you can select the portion of the timeline to be played.

There are lots of other features that come with LoopLabs we are going to enlist those below.

Features of this Online DJ Mixer –

  • There are more than 7 DJ mixer applications available on the LoopLabs.com. You can choose any of them to create music track,
  • In each of these online mixers you will find thousands of loops and sound that are different for each mixer.
  • Share your music with your friends using the social networking site like Facebook and Twitter,
  • Save or Open them to remix and Download them on your PC.
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How To Create A Mix Music Track Via Online DJ Mixer —

You might be keen to create your own mixture. Ok then let’s find out how to do so. As usual you will have to have an account signed up in this website for this you should visit here, LoopLabs.

1. Now once your sign up is complete you will see a lot of DJ applications in this website.

2. Click the one you like or which one suits your preference. I chose the Dubstep Remix Studio. All the stations are same with different loops only so you can choose anyone. You will be taken to the mixing station. Like below –


How To Use LoopLabs Online Mixer –

    • There is a menu bar on the top of this mixing station from where you can create new files, open or save existing ones, share them and change the settings etc.
    • There is a “Play” button just below the website logo to play your creation,
    • Under that you can adjust the master volume of your track,
    • There is a time showing under volume; from here you can set the temp of the track just drag the “Tempo” upward or downward to adjust. The “Lock” sign is used for snapping of the recorded samples, and the “Loop” sign will activate the looping of your mixture,
    • There are audio channels available for each loop you add. From here you can adjust the volume and choose whether it will play solo or with others etc.,
    • The loop bar will show whether it is active or not after you have clicked the “Loop” button,
    • “Timeline” lets you adjust which portion to play and which not to play,
    • To add loops you can search for the directory in the right side pane. Click on the “+” sign to add it to the timeline,
    • To hide or unhide the directory just click “Add Sounds”
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I think you have understood the procedure. As this online music mixer is fully free to use therefore enjoy your freedom with your creativity and create you own track.