ItsMyDiary: Online Personal Diary

ItsMyDiary is an online personal diary where you can pen down all your golden moments. Actually, this is not a complete diary because here at ItsMyDiary, you will be able to write down your stories in a single page.

If you are looking for a simple online diary then I think this online digital diary is just so perfect for you. The special automatic saving feature will help you from losing any written story from your diary. There are some more featured services and facilities available in this online personal diary. Some of these features along with the cons, I would like to enroll my article –

Features of ItsMyDiary:

  1. The notepad on which you have to write can be changed if you prefer some other templates and the backgrounds are also change able if you do not feel comfortable,
  2. The stories you write in here will be automatically saved.
  3. You can print a copy of your stories with only one click,
  4. Enable sound outputs in this website so that you can relax whenever you want. There is a guitar like instrument embedded in this online personal diary website for your relaxation.
  5. You can make your stories or the events, which you have written, to remain either private or public.
  6. Like all other general daily diaries you can keep contacts in the phonebook.

Moreover all the features seemed to be attractive to me except the simplicity. I could not find any disadvantages for this online personal diary maker.

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How To Keep Online Personal Diary On ItsMyDiary:

  • If you have really been seeking to keep diary online then I think you should check out ItsMyDiary. You have already got the reason behind my recommendation for this website.
  • Anyways you should sign up for an account in here and then the logged in interface will look something like below image –


  • You can start keeping diary online by clicking on the margined page in the middle of the website. The page that works as the canvas will facilitate all the services of a word processing application.
  • To change the dates you can click on the date just on the upper part of the canvas or you can go for the “Lookup” option in the menu.
  • To change the privacy of the stories you just choose the settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Use the “Print” button to print your articles directly from your browser.
  • Change background images and canvas styles from the “Theme” menu.
  • Go to the “Relax” option to play some music with the embedded “Guitar”.
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In short, ItsMyDiary is a good utility online personal diary creator where you can write whatever you want to remember all your life. You will enjoy being in ItsMyDiary…


  • Amit

    Thanx for sharing..
    i hv developed this site

    • mohit_writer

      It’s our pleasure.

    • dhdhd

      hi, how can I view my previous diary writing…!!

    • Kristen

      What’s happened to this website. Is it down or no longer exist? I am a member of and website is not found

      • Craig

        Hey Kristen, I’m having the same issue (which is thoroughly pissing me off since I’ve got about 2 years of journal keeping on this site that I cannot access.)
        Every time I try to pull up the site, it’s a blank page with “It works!!” on the top left side… Is this what you’re seeing as well? Does anyone have any intelligence on what is going on? I’ve tried Google, but can’t find any information whatsoever.

  • Craig

    What the hell is going on with the site? Every time I try to pull up the site, it’s a blank page with “It works!!” on the top left side… Does anyone have any information on what is going on? I’ve tried searching Google for some answers, but can’t find any information whatsoever, which is thoroughly pissing me off since I’ve got about 2 years of journal keeping on this site that now I cannot access.