IReadFaster: Online Speed Reading Application

IReadFaster is an online speed reading application that can help you in increasing the count of words that you can read in a minute. This free application lets you focus on three major aspects that include pace, vision, and reducing redundancy while reading.

Getting started with IReadFaster is simple and you don’t require registering an account. All you need is to visit the homepage where you will be presented the interface as in screenshot below.


There you will find three separate start buttons under headings ‘Speed reading’, ‘Vision Span Practice’ and ‘Highlighter’. The details of each java applet app has been listed below. Have a look …

Speed Reader

Here, you can speed-read the passage of your choice. All you need is to paste the passage in the large text area at the bottom-left section, specify the speed settings and preferences using the controls in the right panel. Next, you will require to click on ‘Play’ button and the playback of text from the passage will begin.Ireadfaster-speed-reading

Your task will be read the phrases as they appear. In case, you face some difficulty then you can utilize the keyboard shortcuts to play/pause, increase/decrease the playback speed by referring to the information at bottom-right section.

Vision Span Practice:

This is a very interesting speed reading exercise to train your peripheral vision. After clicking on the ‘Start’ button for vision span practice, you will be presented the following interface.


The procedure for practicing is simple where you need to set the speed settings and peripheral settings using the controls at bottom. Then you need to click on the ‘Play’ button at top. Soon after that the playback will begin. The spacing between the two randomly generated numbers will increase and converge in the continuous manner. (Try not move your neck and turn your eyes accordingly)


The idea behind this application is to stop your habit of redundant reading. Only a section of the text will be highlighted for you (visible) and you will have to read the phrases as they appear. Highliter-app-for-speedreading

* Do take breaks while attempting those speed reading exercises. Your eyes need rest and therefore you must avoid very long speed reading practice sessions.

The Final Verdict:

For sure IReadFaster is a better option in comparison to many other online speed reading applications. ReadSpeeder,  Eyercize and ZAP Reader are other speed reading online applications that you can try.