Internet Typewriter: Free Online Typewriter

Internet Typewriter is a free online typewriter that works like a classic typewriter we used to operate in gone days.

Now-a-day we are less focusing on the machines that we used to operate for our day-to-day word load. Anyway, now we have the online typewriter which has lessened at least one cost of paper wastage.

In this free online typewriter not only the paper cost is minimized but also the work can be saved for opening it later. I have experienced something extra ordinary in this web-based typewriter application. I think you should also get acquainted with the benefits of Internet Typewriter –

Features of this Free Online Typewriter:

  • All you typed words will automatically be stored in this application will save some caches on your browser so that you can recover all your typed words whenever you access in this website,
  • The site enables the registered users to send the typed content via Email, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and LiveJournal etc.,
  • You can download the content in your PC in plain TXT format or in the PDF format as well. Printing options are also added in this website,
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How To Type On Internet Typewriter:

You should create an account and login to it once you visit Internet Typewriter. A membership will save your contents on their server. After logging in you will have a surface like below image –


  • The page might look like laboratory work as the surface is made up of Black and Green colors. In the center you will have this online notepad in which you can type the words online,
  • Just below the typing pad there is a tool bar available in which you can find out the tools for creating new pads, save them. The word counts are also included in this pad. You can send the file to your friend via email or post it on your Blogger, WordPress or LiveJournal etc. sites,
  • All your saved documents are sorted according to the saving date just below the notepad from where you can have access to them, share them or delete also,
  • To share the file you need to just click on the “Send it” button on the tool bar which will pop out a sending option like below image –


  • Choose any of the options from the menu available and then fill up the required fields with proper information and click the “Send” button, which will post it on your blog or will send it to your friend.

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In short, Internet Typewriter is an excellent free online typewriter to initiate an eco-friendly work. Go ahead and try out yourself…



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