FreeTwitterDesigner: Create Professional Twitter Background Online

FreeTwitterDesigner is an application that allows you to create professional twitter background online. This kind of utility comes handy in making your twitter profile quite distinct from those of others. The best feature of FreeTwitterDesigner is that it not only allows you to create a nice background, but also lets you preview custom colors for your twitter background, links, text, sidebar, and sidebar border.

On visiting the homepage, you will be presented a flash based interface with two buttons stating ‘Sign in with Twitter’ and ‘USE WITHOUT SIGNING IN’.


How To Create Professional Twitter Background Online:

  • It is recommended that you begin with a click on ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button. On doing so, you will be redirected to a new webpage asking you to authorize FreeTwitterDesigner for accessing your account information, to update your profile, and to post tweets for you.
  • Next, click on ‘Authorize App’ button to proceed. (After login)
  • Then, you will be redirected back to the application page. Most probably, you will not get struck and will be presented the interface for customizing the cover. Sometimes the applications acts abnormal and in such situation you must go for ‘USE WITHOUT SIGNING IN’ button.
  • In the next step you will be presented the set of twitter themes available with FreeTwitterDesigner. Free-twitter-designer-online-app
  • Click on the particular thumbnail and click on ‘Let’s Get Started’ button.
  • Soon, you will be presented a flash based interface with template image in the left and controls in the right. Free-twitter-designer-to-change-theme-and-background
  • There, you will find three buttons stating ‘Add text’, ‘Add shape’ and ‘Add Image’. On selecting each the applicable options will be shown to you. You can use them as per requirement. The objects inserted  on the canvas can be dragged, re-sized, and rotated using the mouse.
  • In the top-right corner of the editor is a panel under heading ‘Twitter Colors’, Now, click on the color block and then select any color from the pallet. It must be noted that the color specified here are just for preview purpose. No actual, change will happen to your twitter profile.
  • Once you are done with editing, click on ‘Generate’ IMAGE’ button at the bottom-right corner.
  • Within a few seconds the image will be generated and you will be prompted to ‘save Image’ or to directly ‘Export to Twitter’. (The button to Export to twitter will only be active if you opted for login via twitter).

* On your twitter account, go to Settings and click on the Design tab to upload the generated background. This is from here you will set the colors as well.

The Final Verdict:

FreeTwitterDesigner is a nice option to create professional twitter background online. TwitterCoverMaker and TwitCover are other two online utilities can also be tried.