Free Online Tarot Card Reading: Lotus Tarot

Lotus Tarot is a website offering free numerology prediction and free online tarot card reading. If you have a few questions in your mind about some issues related to future then you can try Lotus Tarot online application to get answers for them.

Well! for me Tarot prediction is not about believing-in or believing-out; the simple explanation is that I find them interesting as it allows be to widen my spectrum for life.

On your visit to homepage you will be presented following interface in-front of you.


Click on on ‘Free Online Tarot Reading’ link, or click on ‘Lotus Tarot Numerology’ link placed beneath it. Each has been explained below under separate headings.

On the next page you will be provided the option to continue with or without registering yourself. You must know that registered users will be able to access additional spreads available under heading “Discover Your Personal Court Card” and “Daily TarotRhythm”.

Free Online Tarot Card Reading:

  • This is really interesting stuff. Here, your task will be to select 6 cards from the deck for receiving the answer for the question in your mind. You may opt to re-shuffle the pack by clicking on ‘Re-shuffle’ button.Select the Cards for Your Reading
  • Once you have made the selection by clicking mouse over six cards. Then click on ‘click here to display your reading ’ button.
  • Next, you will be presented a new page with six cards and explanation for each.
      • The first card signifies your current state
      • The second one  resembles what you want most
      • The third card makes you aware about fears
      • Fourth card answers “What is going for you?”.
      • Fifth card lets you know “What is going against you?”.
      • The sixth signifies the outcome for the question.

* Do not query for same question still the situation has changed to some significant level. Otherwise, instead of getting answers you will only gain confusion.

Lotus Tarot Numerology:


  • You will need to fill your name, DOB and click on ‘Calculate my life path number’ button.
  • Then you will be taken to a new page showing your life path number and the personality prediction.

The Final Verdict:

It have no way of testing the predictions by Lotus Tarot. It’s time to find out what 2013 has for you. There appears no harm in trying this application for free online tarot card reading.

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