Free Online Image Editor: Photofunia

Photofunia is quite an interesting online image editor and one of its own type. You just need to upload your picture, this online picture editor will then show its magic by adding amazing photo effects to your picture, thereby giving a new look to your photo. With help of this online photo editor, you can easily include yourself in some really eye-catching images.

It will be somewhat more appropriate to term this online photo editing service as morphing. The online image editor provides you the opportunity to place your face on most unlikely places. The interface is very easy and stunning images can be generated in no time. In the section below we have discussed various aspects of this cool online photo editor. Have a look over them.

Some Key Features of this Online Image editor:

  • You can add cool effects and create interesting face photo for yourself.
  • Check out and take inspiration from images created by other users of Photofunia.
  • Maximum allowed image size is 10 MB (Anyhow, if the file size is more than compress it to appropriate bytes before uploading)
  • Supported image formats: GIF, PNG and JPG.
  • Generate as many pictures as you like without any sort of limit.
  • Save pictures to your drive and use them whenever you require.
  • 100s of template to choose from.
  • free from any sort of watermark.

PhotoFunia 1-- Effects

Can you see that lady in all those images?. Well, on using Photofunia you can add your charming to those images by replacing with yours. All you need is to:

  • Select a template.
  • Upload your picture
  • Select the face section by dragging the selection area provided in the interface
  • finally, Press GO Button and view the output.

PhotoFunia -- Snow in the City

Anyway, if you make some mistake then do not worry, Simply go back to the template and perform the correction. For reference a quick creation has been included below. 100s of templates are available.

final output

With a bit of practice and understanding you can get desired results. This online photo editor is 100% free and therefore you can keep experimenting until you get what you desired for.

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There are few things that must be taken care:

  • If the quality of input file is not appropriate then, same will be reflected in the result.
  • It is clearly mentioned, not to use this online image editor for commercial use. That will be a violation of the ethical norms.
  • Do not do the social work for your friends and create their images on their behalf.

Photofunia is nice and cool in every manner. Another thing that must be appreciated is that, it has full control over the included templates ensuring that nothing inappropriate gets published/created. Try some experiments over various templates and finally feel special. A good way to spend some spare time. Photofunia is all about recreational photo editing.