Find New Websites At Skrittle

Skrittle is an online application that allows you to find new websites. It claims to deliver suggestion for the next site to look for. This functionality comes handy when doing online research over some topic.

Most of the times people go over Google are query for the keywords, but incase you are interested to discover new websites then Skrittle can be considered as an alternative.

In the following section, we have reviewed the pros and cons of Skrittle. You can start with a simple online registration by visiting the homepage. The process is very quick and does not require email verification. The next thing will be to install the Skrittle button on your browser. For that, follow the instructions stated below, have a look …

  • Visit the homepage and click over link for Skrittle button.
  •  Then Drag the “Skrittle” button to the Bookmarks bar of your browser.

While you are browsing some webpage, push the “Skrittle” button placed over bookmark bar to explore new websites. After clicking the user will be redirected to new page with a flash interface having a few bouncing ball. Each ball will have a name of the website upon it. Now, when a user delivers a click over any of the bouncing ball then, he/she will be taken to that particular website. The procedure can be repeated unlimited number of times.

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skrittle lets you explore new websites

* The Mozilla Firefox is recommended browser for using Skrittle. Skrittle button cannot be placed over Google Chrome web browser. Skrittle lets you find new websites and is not a bookmarking app.

Cons Skrittle To Find New Websites:

The following limitations of the Skrittle were highlighted while performing the evaluation:

  • Skrittle itself claims to be the best way for wasting time over internet and is true as per evaluation. The results were acceptable for a few very famous website. Anyhow, the results for other websites were totally random.
  • Again, the existence of sponsored sites was another setback for attempt to explore new websites with similar content/functionality.
  • Also, there was some bug that resulted in errors upon click.
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The Final Verdict:

Till date nothing comes closer to Google and definitely it’s not Skrittle. If your aim to discover new websites compromising the relevance factor then well and good, if not then better stay away from it. The scope for implementation is very limited. Now, it’s time for you to give it a try and evaluate yourself.