O Dutch Proxy: Free Online Proxy

O Dutch Proxy is a browser based internet proxy that lets you hide your real identity and to surf the web quite anonymously. The task of an online proxy service is to act as a middle-man between you and the web-server. All requests and responses between server (website) and the client are handled via proxy itself. This way an online proxy solves two basic purposes i.e. it helps you in breaching the location specific restrictions and to hide your real identity while browsing the Internet.

O Dutch Proxy can be quite handy in schools, colleges, and offices where administrators have implemented restriction about accessing certain websites. Suppose you are not allowed to access YouTube at your office, but you are determined to access it. The simple solution will be to utilize an advance free online proxy such as O Dutch Proxy.

How To Surf Anonymously With O Dutch Free Online Proxy:

Have a look on the points stated below.

  • Browse to the homepage, where you will be presented a textbox with associated go button. Then you will have to type the online URL to be accessed. O-Dutch-Proxy-to-surf-safe
  • Then click on ‘Go’ button.
  • In a while you will be redirected to a new webpage showing the content of the webpage.O Dutch free online Proxy
  • Now, browse the webpage in the way you desire. On the top of webpage you will notice the textbox showing the current URL being browsed. You can overwrite in it and press ‘Go’ button to start viewing a different online URL.

* If concealing your identity is your top-priority then just don’t think about login.

Did you realized that this free online proxy service was able to open YouTube and played the videos successfully? This is the feature that is supported on very less number of free online proxies. I have no issue in stating that the video-playback experience on other free online proxies encountered so far was purely third grade.

The Final Verdict:

O Dutch Proxy is indeed a very good and very robust Netherlands based free online proxy. It comes with dedicated support for YouTube, Facebook, BeboHyves, last.fm, eBuddy, Linkedin, Twitter, and DIGG1. Surely, it is one of the best options you can opt for free. You can also have a look on other free online proxies reviewed by us.