Cutmp3Online: Online mp3 Cutter

Cutmp3Online is easy to use Web 2.0 online mp3 cutter that lets you make ringtones out of your favorite song. The best part about this online ringtone maker is that you don’t need to upload a file to the server before attempting the audio extraction. This way you save a lot of time and the mp3 cutting happen at a very rapid rate without having to decode that file.

This online mp3 trimmer can be a perfect tool for creating ringtones from larger mp3 songs.

In the section below, we will have a brief look over the features of this online mp3 cutter to make ringtones online. Meanwhile we will also have a look over the procedure to extract part of the mp3 files. Have a look:

The interface of Cutmp3Online is extremely simple and easy to use. Its free from login and registration hassles. You get the instant access instantly over the home page.

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How To Use Online mp3 Cutter To Make Ringtones Online:

  • You can extract lossless audio from the mp3 file in a matter of few seconds. On visiting thee hompage you will be provided with the mp3 cutter console. For reference you can have a look over the snapshot included below.


  • Now, you will need to select an mp3 file from your PC. In order to select, you will need to click over the ‘Open MP3’ button and then select the file by visiting the appropriate folder.
  • After doing so, the interface will now look something like this:

Cut MP3 Files Online - Ringtone Maker

  • The loading process is very quick in comparison to similar online ringtone makers because no server uploading is involved in the whole process.
  • You can now select the beginning and end of the part to be extracted with the help of two pointers (highlighted in red), you can use them to set the beginning and end of the desired output. The interface is capable to Play, Pause and stop the audio and is also equipped with volume control.
  • It will be better to play the selected section in order to verify it. Now finally, give an easy click over the ‘Cut’ button to download the extracted part.

* The tool works strictly for mp3 files and no other audio format is supported/

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The Final Verdict:

The biggest advantage to cut mp3 files using Cutmp3Online is that its nothing different from as offline mp2 cutter. The quality of the output was quite same as that of the master file and the file size was also well optimized. Recommended twice !