Create A Pictogram Online At Pictotool

Pictotool is a small online application that lets you create a Pictogram online. The service comes up with hundreds of Pictogram images to choose from.

It is one of the simplest online implementations with zero level of complexity in itself. If defined in other words then images with Pictograms is just a simple text to image conversion application.

In the following section, we have reviewed Pictotool and its features. Have a look …

Getting Started Over Pictotool:

All you require is to visit the homepage. There is no requirement for creating some account or undergoing some sort of registration. Everything is instant and directly accessible by the site visitors. The interface is really simple and easy to operate.

Pictotool creating images with pictograms

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How To Create A Pictogram Online Using Pictotool:

The operation involves the following steps stated below.

  • Select any of the available models matching with your criterion.  On doing so the interface in the lower section will change accordingly. There you will be provided with two types of fields (For entering text and Pictogram).
  • Then select the appropriate fields and input the text and Pictogram accordingly. For entering the Pictogram the user will have to click over the icons placed in bottom section of the page and the exiting Pictogram will be replaced with one you clicked.
  • Finally, hit the GENERATE button. Upon doing so the generated image will be show to you.

*  The color of the Pictogram and text can be changed with option for adjusting font size. No other advance option is available for customizing. In addition, the text cannot be brought to multiline level. In all cases the width of the generated Pictogram image will be more than it’s  height.

Pictotool  pictogram generator

Now, all you require is to download the generated pictogram in PNG format. Then is totally up to you; to decide the manner in which you want to utilize that image. Well, there is no option for social share and for that you’ll have to manually upload life to your favorite platform.

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The Final Verdict:

I have no suspicion regarding the potential of Pictotool, but the availability of very few options is a major drawback. There existed only six models to work upon.

Hopefully, Pictotool is likely to include more models and better customization options. If talking about the overall experience then this online application to create a pictogram worked fine and was far better than those email collection boxes that are good for nothing. You won’t be getting something extraordinary but, the Pictotool pictogram generator comes with no side-effects and you must give it a try !