ConvertWebPage: Convert webpages to PDF and JPG

ConvertWebPage is a free online application that lets you convert webpages to PDF. In addition, it also lets you convert them to image (PNG, JPG) as well. The good thing about this free application is that all formatting and styling of webpage remains unaltered. There exists a lot many desktop based application for similar job, but the beauty of using ConvertWebPage is that it can be accessed online from anyplace at anytime. I mean that you can create images and PDFs instantly on PC, tablet, or mobile phone. All you need is a web browser and a live internet connection.It’s free from all other dependencies.

Getting started with ConvertWebPage is very easy. You need not to register an account and begin the conversions instantly.

How To Convert webpages to PDF Online?

  • On the homepage you will be presented a small textbox for entering the online URL of your choice.  webpage-to-pdf
  • Next you require clicking on either of the buttons placed below. Click on “IMAGE” button to obtain the screenshot of the page or click on “PDF” button to generate PDF file.
  • In the last step you will need to click on “Convert” button.  On doing so, the processing will begin and in no time the link to generated PDF or JPG will be presented to you.

* Don’t just rely on the obtained link because it might not last for a long time. The best thing would be to download the files and create an offline-copy.

The procedure stated above is a bit hectic. One of the easier ways would be to drag the “Convert Webpage” bookmarklet to bookmark bar of your web browser. You can now use it for instant conversion of the webpage being browsed.

The Final Verdict:

Upon evaluating the various aspects of this free online application to convert Webpages to PDF I have no hesitation in recommending it. The only issue is that you cannot convert blocked or password-protected webpages.

There are a few similar online applications that you can try: Web2PDF, TextFixer, and PDFMyUrl.