Check Grammatical Mistakes Over PaperRater: Free Online Grammar Checker

PaperRater is an online grammar checker that lets you check your grammar and find grammatical mistakes such as tenses, spellings, vocabulary, etc… in your articles, assignments, or any school/college project.

If you are in a great menace regarding check spelling mistakes, vocabulary errors, sentence formulations or some other problems then you are just at the right place. PaperRater online grammar checker lets you check your grammar in any content thoroughly.

Let me tell you the benefits I have got in this website –

Features of this Online Grammar Checker:

  • No sign up, no login is required even you need not to pay single penny for the service you enjoy from this website,
  • It automatically identifies each and every niche mistake in the text if you have made any and while executing the report it shows suggestive measures to correct the errors you have made with a grammatical explanation,
  • Unlike some other grammar checker websites it checks for the title as well,
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How To Generate Report With PaperRater: Online Grammar Checker

If there is any error in your text and you want to find them out then visit PaperRater. Arriving at the page you will find the ways to free online grammar check like below screenshot –


Follow the below mentioned procedure to find out the errors –

  • Enter the title of your article, post or the document in the “Title” field. This field is mandatory to be filled up,
  • In the second box you will have to paste the full content of the article or the text you want to review in this website,
  • If you have taken any help from other books or online sources then enlist their names in the “Works Cited” field so that it will be easier to find out plagiarism,
  • You will have to set the level of education of the author and set the “Type of the paper” you are submitting to be reviewed,
  • Check the confirmation box after reading the terms and policies of the site, and
  • Then click “Get Report” button,
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After a while your report will be executed in front of you like below image –


Yup…here are your spelling mistakes, appearing in the red highlighted spot. You can see that the grammatical mistakes are appearing with green spots, and if you have made any mistake choosing the right word then it will appear in the blue mark. You can find the explanations from the right-sided bar in this free online grammar checker. To have a printed copy of the report generated click the “Print” button.

Best of luck with your grammar checking tool.