Bundle Several URLs Into A Shortened URL With Brief.ly

Brief.ly is an online application using which you can bundle several URL’s into a shortened URL effortlessly. Generally we go for a tab or a new browser to view a single website or page but in this website you can make a bundle of website and visit them all in a single tab easily. The name of the website is Brief.ly. As the name suggests the tasks are also similar to the name. In this website you can have all the links of important websites briefly, in other words you can bundle URLs into a shortened URL.

Let me tell you what features come with Brief.ly –

 Features of Brief.ly To Bundle URLs Into A Shortened URL:

  • Generate QR codes so that you can share the large links shortly in your messages, mails or in the social networks
  • Create a bundle of so many websites to view them with a single web link.
  • There are so many attractive shortened URL available for you to choose from.
  • Edit the generated links at any time, look for the page statistics etc.
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Bundling URLs in Brief.ly:

In only three simple steps you can bundle so many web links into a shortened URL and patched URL. But in order to do so you will have to sign up a free account in Brief.ly. After you have logged into your account you will have a page like below image –


In this page you have to –

  •  Paste the links of the websites you want to bundle in a single link.
  •  Click the “Wrench” icon to customize the bundling such as mentioning the site title and table of contents, customizing the bundled URL etc.
  • Click the “Scissor” icon to create a bundle link and then you can “Share” the links those were generated via social networking sites and / or emails etc. You can manage the links you have created in the Brief.ly using the “Manage” section where there will be three links available one for the homepage of the bundled site, one for the control panel and the rest for the site analysis etc.
  • All your registered links will be available below the bundler.
  • You can change the domain names preferably such as brief.ly, sincere.ly, name.ly, thatis.me, who-el.se etc.

If you are done with creating links, now if you visit the created link then you will have a page like below image where you can –

  1. Go for the table of contents or visit the websites individually from the tab.
  2. Look for the page statistics, change private link settings etc.
  3. You can also get all the links to open in many tabs by clicking the “Browser” icon.
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Best of luck with your bundled links…